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Bucket list: back in Schönbrunn

I was 8 years old and I was on the way to Slovenia for holidays with my parents. Or maybe it was a way back. I don’t remember that well. What I do remember is a quick stop for sightseeing in Vienna. I remember that I didn’t like the cathedral that much. But Schönbrunn Palace was a different story.DSC_0855_1

I was totally amazed. Huge palace, rooms full of furnitures and decorations. These furnitures were the most important for me as a kid. I was always disappointed when castles and palaces were empty. And in Schönbrunn I could imagine how everyday life looked like, what the royal family did, where princess Sissi was spending her time (I was obsessed with her thanks to a cartoon that was on TV back then). I remember we were in a hurry, so my parents chose shorter tour. I was sad. I wanted more of this colorful and gold and red things. My mum promised that we’ll come back. Or that I’ll come back – she’s promising me that quite often.DSC_0876_1



I came back to Vienna several times. On a school trip. And one more school trip, I think. And for an internship. And for a city break. But I have never came back to Schonbrunn. Even when I was in Vienna for few weeks. I was walking in the garden and park, but I never went inside. Why? Because of huuuuge lines. Eventually I came back once again, got up early in the morning and arrived in Schönbrunn around 8:30am. And it was perfect timing. There was no line, the entrance wasn’t crowded, but it wasn’t that good inside the palace. Well, palaces weren’t designed for huge tourists groups. But still, it was amazing. Beautiful wood panellings, wallpapers with hand-stitched flowers, ridiculous fresco which was meant to extol Habsburgs. Sure, life in the palace wasn’t easy. Working there was even worse. But I just can’t stop gushing over it. It’s just magnificent. The best part? Entrance to the gardens is free and you can even go jogging there. Oh how I love that Vienna is such a friendly city.DSC_0866_1DSC_0871_2DSC_0869_1DSC_0868_1

Practical info:

  • You can buy tickets online, but you will have to print them
  • I recommend coming there early in the morning – Schonbrunn palace opens at 8am, at 10am it was crowded
  • Audio guide is included in the price, I highly recommend, they have many languages
  • Entrance to the garden is free

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