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Bucket list: Matterhorn

Caution: this post doesn’t contain high mountain climbing. And it’s not sponsored by chocolate manufacturer. What a shame.


Triangle shaped mountain. Matterhorn. Everybody knows it. At least those, who have taken a look at Toblerone packaging before eating the whole thing. Frankly speaking, shape of Toblerone was always more interesting to me than the packaging. And silver foil inside is annoying, it’s ripping even when you’re not touching it. What was I writing about? Triangle shaped mountain! Matterhorn was on my bucket list since.. forever? And here you have an evidence that Matterhorn and I were so close, that we took a selfie together:

2015-06-18 13.08.00 HDR

I can’t explain this little Matterhorn fascination of mine. I like mountains, but I don’t think they’re better than any other geological formation. Maybe it’s this triangle shape. Very mountainy. It has to be it. I can’t (and couldn’t) deny this fascination, so when my family went to Switzerland and I joined them for a couple of days, they had to promise me a trip to Zermatt. Fortunately we were staying nearby. Zermatt is charming, but I have to admit, I was expecting something else? Different? More? Maybe it looks more magical when covered in snow. Maybe I was expecting to see purple cows. Instead, there were golf carts (petrol engines are not allowed in Zermatt), wooden buildings, surfinias and my fave: wooden houses from few centuries back. And a marmot.


I’m not a mountain climber and I never will be, so to meet Matterhorn I took a train to Gornergrat (3089 m). It was the most expensive train ride of my life. I even don’t want to think that it was 95 CHF return.* Ok, I’ve just thought about it, it still hurts. Was it worth it? OF COURSE IT WAS WORTH IT. I have a selfie with Matterhorn and surroundings were impressive too.


*He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. You can’t get to Zermatt by car, you have to leave it on a designated parking. From the parking you have two options: train or drop off/pick up by parking staff. Croatian national from the parking, who spoke an enormous amount of languages, offered us cheaper tickets for Gornergrat train. We have decided to take a risk. He took us to Zermatt, gave us his mobile number and told to call him once we are done. Cheaper tickets worked. Pick up worked. Quite a few CHF stayed in our pockets and we could buy.. well…we could buy something, but for sure not a champagne in Switzerland.DSC_0969_1.JPG

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