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Don’t go to Berlin, go to Potsdam

Everyone goes to Berlin. Well, many go. Because of the atmosphere, museums, landmarks, history, wall. And I agree with it. Well, with most of it. But I would recommend something different: don’t go to Berlin, go to Potsdam.DSC_0059_1

Potsdam is know for a palace with a park and for being close to Berlin. If someone goes to Berlin, he or she will probably go to Potsdam. Or not. All in all there’s a palace and a park, come on, there’s much more to do in Berlin. Well, that’s what I thought and I couldn’t have been any more wrong. It occurs, Potsdam is a really beautiful city, there are many palaces, wooden houses, little Netherlands and bridge of spies. Yes, the one from the movie “Bridge of spies”. Unfortunately it’s quite far from the city center (well, it would be stupid to exchange spies on the bridge next to the main railway station) and it’s hard to get there without a bike/car. A bike! It’s probably the best way to see Potsdam and I regret that we haven’t rented one.DSC_0066DSC_0062_1DSC_0083_1

Potsdam. You can go there by train from Berlin in the morning and get back in the evening. But what about doing it the other way round? Stay in Potsdam and go to Berlin for one day. Next time I’ll definitely do this. Potsdam is to pretty to just run through it during these few hours of one day.

In my eyes, there’s a whole world in Potsdam. Or at least Europe. There’s a church which looks like taken straight from Italy, squeezed between buildings which look like Easten Europe in the 70s. There’s a pretty street which all of the sudden turns into the Netherlands. Like real Netherlands, built by Dutch people for Dutch people who were working there and developing the city. From what I know, this is the biggest Dutch quarter outside of the Netherlands. And at the end of it, there’s a peculiar gate, Nauener Tor, which looks like a part of a gothic castle. Behind it, you will find amazing villas and… wooden, Russian cottages. That’s Alexandrowka, built for Russians in the 19th century. I really didn’t expect that.DSC_0089_1DSC_0093_1DSC_0122_1DSC_0126_1DSC_0092_1DSC_0097_1DSC_0102_1DSC_0109_1DSC_0116_1

After exploring this German-Dutch-Russian world, it’s time for French rococo with a little bit of Italy and a touch of China. It’s time for a local star – Sanssoucci. In few words: local Versailles, which was built by Frederick the Great, because he wanted to. He wanted to grow grapes and figs, so he has started with gardens. Later on he added a summer residence – a palace. And a fountain. And later on few more buildings were added, including Chinese pavilion and Roman baths (btw, that’s probably my favourite building there). It’s impressive. It really is.


My favourite Roman Baths


So what? Potsdam instead of Berlin?

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