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Koh Phi Phi – internal organs & Leonardo Di Caprio

I don’t remember how old I was when I have first heard about Phi Phi, but for sure I was a child. Since then, Phi Phi islands (or island, I was sure there was only one island), where a synonym of exotic things. I simply had to go there during my trip from Thailand.

There’s one problem with islands: how to get there? I googled all possibilities before going to Thailand: boat, ferry, organized trip, teleportation. And I found a solution in Ao Nang. Organized trip. Outside of the high season it’s the best price to quality ratio which you can find, with all the pros and cons of organized trips.DSC_0125


You can buy Koh Phi Phi tour in Ao Nang in stands located about 1,5 meteres from each other. Prices can differ a lot, so it’s good to take a walk and be picky. You can save some money for few Thai lunches. My trip costed less than 20 USD, lunch included (rainy season price).

On a motorboat, dressed in a life jacket, we started our trip pretty relaxed. But it went away fast, because 500 horsepower combined with waves were quite surprising for my internal organs. Stomach. Liver. Pancreas. Stomach. Spleen. They were meeting together quite unexpectedly. It wasn’t the most pleasant hour of my life, but I forgot about it as soon as I saw Bamboo Island. And I could have stayed. Thailand like in a picture. The most beautiful sand I have ever seen. Turquoise water, which I was missing in Ao Nang. And dark clouds on a horizon. Perfection. It was definitely too short, but that’s the price you have to pay when you’re on an organized trip.DSC_0079DSC_0082DSC_00922016-10-11 10.21.36.JPG

We’re back on a boat, holding our internal organs together. Next stop: Viking Cave and then Pileh Lagoon. We’re admiring everything from the boat, but it’s all impressive. Especially cliffs and rocks, that’s something I could look at for ages. Next stop: Maya Bay. A bay and a beach famous because “The Beach” was shot there. Movie and Leonardo Di Caprio made the bay so famous, that all of the sudden tons and tons of tourists started coming to Maya Bay. And it’s insane. Even in rainy season. Maya Bay is beautiful, but all these people… Bamboo Island was much better.DSC_0106DSC_0117DSC_0118DSC_0157DSC_0142

From Maya Bay, part of Ko Phi Phi Le, uninhabited and rocky island, we’re going to Koh Phi Phi Don, the biggest and the most touristy island, for lunch. Lunch with a view that’s something I really enjoy. A bit of free time after lunch allowed us to take a short walk and sit on a beach. Unfortunately it didn’t allow us to go to a viewpoint, but I’ll leave it for the next time. Despite all the tourists, I’d love to visit Ko Phi Phi Don once again.DSC_0170.JPG

Lunch with a view



Full of amazing Thai food, we’re going to last two places for snorkeling. It’s my first time and it goes surprisingly smooth. I can’t stop staring at cute little fish. After that we’re going back to Ao Nang.CAMERA

Trip to Koh Phi Phi was probably one of the most touristy things I have done in Thailand. And I don’t regret it at all. I crossed it out of my bucket list and for less than 20 USD it was a great deal. For sure there are people who can’t stand hundreds or thousands of other tourists in the same place, but well.. Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular places in Thailand, what were you expecting? 🙂DSC_0185.JPG

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