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One week in Dubai


One week in Dubai? It doesn’t make any sense, they said. What can you do in Dubai for one week? There are a lot of great places to see, cool things to do and there’s a possibility that you won’t complete your whole itinerary. Yes, I like to plan my itineraries. Whole planning is exciting and satisfying and it helps me to make it to the departure. So there was a plan and I failed at making it happen. Why?

  • Distances
  • Public transportation system.

Dubai is huge and it’s transportation system is a nightmare (except for metro, metro is grate). So what was in my plan? In few words: everything people think about when they hear “Dubai” and a more traditional part of it too. This traditional and old Dubai didn’t happen. Well, next time. There’s no need to cry that you haven’t seen something, enjoy what you have seen, Karolina Coelho.dsc_0160_1dsc_0163_1

Our hotel was more or less in the middle of Dubai, halfway between attractions, so my Dubai is divided to Right and Left. Let’s start with Right Dubai. You can go all the way to Deira, where you will find souks and “real Dubai” as some people say. I don’t agree with that. For me real Dubai equals skyscrapers, so my Dubai ends somewhere around Burj Khalifa. That’s where we’re going with metro. And we’re walking to Dubai Mall through an air-conditioned something, which for me looks like a tunnel above the ground. Covered bridge. It has windows, so you can do a bit of sightseeing while you’re walking all the way to the mall, which is 1,5km. Dubai Mall is huge. Enormous. Too big for my liking. We’re finding our way downstairs to the entrance to Burj Khalifa (inside the mall). Buy tickets online, they will be cheaper. Stairs, elevator and we’re there. Wow. 124th floor, 452m above the ground. It’s so surreal that even my fear of heights is gone. The city looks like taken from Sim City. And you see the desert, skyscrapers, sea, tiny houses, fountain.

Fountain! Fountain is the greatest, most beautiful, most amazing and the biggest in ther world. Yes, we were coming there almost every evening, because I wanted it more and more. There’s music, water and light (only one color and it’s better this way). It’s amazing and videos don’t make the justice. You have to go there and see the show. Or two show. Or three.dsc_0184_1 20150828_174102_HDRDSC_0263_1.JPGdsc_0332_1

From Burj Khalifa you can go all the way to the left side of my Dubai, Dubai Marina. Marina is impressive and quite absurd at the same time. Let’s make a lake. And build concrete and glass skyscrapers. More of them. Not enough. Let’s separate the lake from the city with them. And let’s move in hundreds of people. They need roads. And bridges. So here’s a short lesson in physics: water warms up. It evaporates. And it has nowhere to go, because there are buildings everywhere. Which are warming up during the day. Add cars stuck in traffic jam. Warm? Warm is not enough. It’s extremely hot. But it’s pretty, especially during the night. And during the day you can go to the beach. Where the wind actually blows in both directions, from the land and from the sea. Why? Because the wall made of building is preventing the air to go further and it kind of bounces back. How I figured it out? Flags on the beach where in two different directions.2015-09-01 11.43.09_1.JPG20150830_205616_hdr

In Dubai Marina we’re taking a tram to Palm Jumeirah. Tram in Dubai is a very interesting thing, because it goes around in a cricle and then straight. Easy? Not really. Some trams are going around the circle only (all 4 stops), some of them are going straight to Palm Jumeirah.. And all of them have the same destination written at the front. Maybe it was the temperature, maybe Arab fantasy, but I couldn’t figure out how it works. Finally we made it to Palm Jumeirah. We’re chainging to a monorail – a train which goes to the very end of the palm. You can also take a taxi, but monorail is better – it goes above the ground so you can actually see that palm is a palm. I have issues with the Palm. When you’re there, you have to remind yourself, that it’s man-made. Otherwise it’s just a piece of land, because obviously you can’t see its shape. And hotel Atlantis is not my taste at all. And of course mix of water, concrete and high temperature casues the same thing as in Dubai Marina: unberable heat and humidity.DSC_0358_1.JPG

Another stop during our way through Dubai and another example of combining desert with water: Madinar Jumeirah. It’s like Venice of the Emirates. Luxurious area of hotels, shops, restaurants and charming canals between them. Lots of water which heats up, evaporates, blablabla, it’s hot. But it’s beautiful.dsc_0580_1dsc_0601_1dsc_0623_1dsc_0627_1

When you’re going from one place to another, you can see malls. Yes, I know, who’s crazy enough to do sightseeing in malls? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it makes sense. Full size hockey rink? Gigantic aquarium? Well known skiing area? Or maybe waterfall fountain? It’s impressive. It really is. Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. Go and see for yourself. And one last thing: air condition.

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