• KL by night
    Asia,  Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur – welcome to the urban jungle

    Kuala Lumpur welcomed us with a warm evening and an accommodation disappointment. The first morning welcomed us with a downpour. Was it a crisis? It was. But we changed the accommodation within 30 minutes and waited for the rain to go away. And everything turned out really well. The story of (not)staying at Regalia Suites deserves it’s own post. The building itself seems to be the most popular place to stay in Kuala Lumpur. All of my friends who visited KL, took a photo in the swimming pool there. Well, I did as well. The story of this stay is a short motivational story of not giving up. From the…

  • Houses in George Town

    Malaysia – expectations vs reality

    When I bought tickets do Malaysia, I had no expectations. It was a good deal, I like Southeast Asia, so I got tickets. I had a loooot of time to read about Malaysia before the departure. 10 months. So I did my homework, but it didn’t change a lot. I still had no expectations. I was sure it would be great, I was going on holidays after all. But there were a few things that came to my mind and I wrote them down. Now it’s time to confront them with reality. Like always. Expectation: lots of rain. It shouldn’t be surprising. Malaysia has equatorial climate, so it rains a…