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    What to do in Langkawi?

    You can love Langkawi or hate it. Or just say it’s really OK and has amazing sunsets. I’m in the latter group. I’ve already said that the world doesn’t always have to be a paradise. This time I’m keeping it short and sweet – what to do in Langkawi? A lot. And I present it in random order. Rent a car and go around the island Left-hand traffic and Malaysian automotive industry. Sounds fun, right!? Driving on the opposite lane is actually not that bad on the island (fewer cars) and where you’ll have one more opportunity to drive Perodua Alza or Proton Saga? So go ahead and rent a…

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    Langkawi – does the world always has to be a paradise

    Vacation. Faraway, exotic destination equals a beach straight from the paradise, right? If the landscape doesn’t look like your laptop’s wallpaper it doesn’t count, does it? Especially if you’re on an island and it’s named Langkawi. The name itself sounds exotic, wild and like from the other side of the world. Vacation in the tropics have to be like from a postcard: white sand, crystal blue sea, empty beach and this funny leaning palm tree. Well, maybe one local inhabitant is ok. Another tourist would destroy this heavenly atmosphere of instagramable vacation. Let’s stop here for a moment and talk about Instagram. Picture perfect destination We’re taking photos of beautiful…

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    Kuala Lumpur – welcome to the urban jungle

    Kuala Lumpur welcomed us with a warm evening and an accommodation disappointment. The first morning welcomed us with a downpour. Was it a crisis? It was. But we changed the accommodation within 30 minutes and waited for the rain to go away. And everything turned out really well. The story of (not)staying at Regalia Suites deserves it’s own post. The building itself seems to be the most popular place to stay in Kuala Lumpur. All of my friends who visited KL, took a photo in the swimming pool there. Well, I did as well. The story of this stay is a short motivational story of not giving up. From the…

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    Penang National Park – will the jungle eat you?

    Jungle. I’m not a fan. Frankly speaking, I haven’t encountered many jungles, but I simply don’t want to come close to them. The only 30 minutes of a Thai jungle was enough for a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy nature. As long as it’s not trying to eat me. It’s a selective love, I guess. So why jungle? Well, trekking in Penang National Park to the isolated beach is one of the “must dos” when you’re in George Town. And it took me around 3 seconds to decide that it’s not going to my Penang bucket list. Because you know – jungle. But I’m writing about it, so…

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    Penang – around the world in George Town

    The plane lands on the Penang island and I’m wondering if this really is Southeast Asia. This thought will be in my head during these few days in George Town. Our Grab driver, southeast Asian Uber, keeps repeating “Welcome to Malaysia”. Not because his vocabulary is limited. He’s just kind. Malaysians are kind. It’s evident we’re in Asia. Just one glance is enough to realize there’s no local space development plan. It looks like someone took a few dozen blocks, tossed them up and left where they fell. But the whole George Town feels surprisingly spatial as for Asia. Only a little chaotic, not so crowded, you can walk around…

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    Malaysia – expectations vs reality

    When I bought tickets do Malaysia, I had no expectations. It was a good deal, I like Southeast Asia, so I got tickets. I had a loooot of time to read about Malaysia before the departure. 10 months. So I did my homework, but it didn’t change a lot. I still had no expectations. I was sure it would be great, I was going on holidays after all. But there were a few things that came to my mind and I wrote them down. Now it’s time to confront them with reality. Like always. Expectation: lots of rain. It shouldn’t be surprising. Malaysia has equatorial climate, so it rains a…