The most beautiful walk in the world – Bondi to Coogee Walk

Australia is expensive. Sydney is expensive. Entrance fees are high. Why overpay if you can have the most beautiful walk in the world for free. Ok, you have to pay for a metro/bus ticket from your accomodation to Bondi Beach and back. But it’s worth it.

Dictionary and practical info:

Bondi Beach – one of Sydney’s biggest beaches and one of the best-known in the world. Starting point of the walk

Coogee Beach – few beaches further away. The end of the walk, but you can add another 3 km to het to Maroubra Beach and finish there.

Walk lenght: 6 km

Duration: Bondi – Coogee takes about 2 hours according to Internet, as I didn’t pay attention being too busy with taking pictures

What should you take: a hat (seriously), sunscreen (seriously), bottle of water (seriously), comfy shoes (seriously). There’s no shadow on the path, so you’re exposed to the sun for 6 km. There are some drinking water fountains. At least one drinking water fountain.

Important: there are a loooot of stairs, so you need comfy shoes and be careful with your knees.

Let’s go for a walk!

We’re taking a train to Bondi Junction and we’re following the crowd. The crowd goes to the bus stop. We’re taking a bus and going to the Bondi Beach with the crowd. And we’re starting our walk.


Bondi Beach. Beautiful, huge, breathtaking. We’re going to the right, passing by a swimming pool filled with sea water. Why would you need a swimming pool by the sea? Well, in Australia there are very dangerous undercurrents and swimming in the ocean can be very dangerous. If you’d like to be more relaxed and avoid being hit in head with a surfboard, swimming pool is for you. We’re leaving the swimming pool behind and starting our walk.


Tamarama. Bronte. Clovelly. Coogee.

Beaches of different shapes, bigger or smaller, all of them sandy. Boring? Not at all. On our way we have: wooden stairs, rocks, more rocks, walking up and dow, beautiful houses, bushes, cemetery (yes, cemetery with the view of the ocean). And of course THE VIEW. The most beautiful views in the world. You’re literally walking on the edge of the continent (the one that’s over water obviously) and your admiring everything. And you’re doing this for 6 km. Words can’t describe the views, so I will let beaches speak for themselves:







In the back there’s a cemetry with a view.

We’re arriving at Coogee. The beach is big as well. Something like a smaller Bondi. A lot of buses are stopping here and it’s super easy to get to the city center, as some of them are going to the Central Station. And that’s the end of our most beautiful walk in the world. We’re going back, we’re drooling over the photos and we want to do it one more time.



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