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Vienna – people-friendly city

Donau City. Center of business. You’re leaving the office and see a guy in a suit. With a briefcase. On a scooter. Welcome to Vienna, a people-friendly city.


Donau City. You’re walking between office buildings, passing by DC Tower 1 with it’s amazing facade, to the other side of the apartment block and all of the sudden you’re in a huge and beautiful Donau Park. With lawns and flowers and bushes and trees and a meadow and drinking fountains. And if you want, you can go bungee jumping from a Donauturm. There are asphalt paths, so you can go rollerskating or ride your scooter. Welcome to Vienna, a people-friendly city.

DC Tower 1



Donauinsel. 21,1 km long island on Danube river. It’s a side effect of the excavated channel. Great for bike rides, picnics, walks, having a drink or dinner.

And sticking to the Danube theme, drinks and foods, let’s go to the city center. Donaukanal. You’re in the heart of the city, on the beach, well in a beach bar. And if you want, you can go for a swim in a swimming pool.DSC_0970_1

Fancy a run? In a park? Which one? Maybe in Schonbrunn’s garden? Or Belvedere’s? No problem. You’re in a people-friendly city. I love Belvedere even more than Schonbrunn. Especially, if taking a walk from the lower part, through the gardens and turning around only at the top. The view is breathtaking.DSC_0944_1DSC_0946_1DSC_0958_1

And Belvedere is close to Hochstrahlbrunnen, a fountain which was built to celebrate a first water pipeline from the mountains in 1873. It solved the city’s problem with drinking water. Feel free to drink tap water in Vienna, it’s straight from the mountains.

It’s getting quite touristy, Karlsplatz is nearby with it’s amazing church and Otto Wagner’s pavillons. Golden cabbage, excuse me, Secession, is here too (I love this golden cabbage). And we’re close to the opera, to the castle, Burggarten and to museums of Natural History and of Fine Arts. The buildings look like they are copied and pasted and it’s a great area to sit on the grass and have some wine in the evening. You can also relax in MuseumsQuartier on one of the funny plastic furnitures, where the whole city comes. To the museum, for a drink or to play petanque. Welcome to people-friendly city.

Golden cabbage, known as Secession
Karlskirche, Karlsplatz


In June and August take a walk from MuseumsQuartier through Volkspark to the city hall where every year there’s a film festival and a food festival. You can’t bring food to the film area, but there are concert recordings as well and plenty of benches around, so you can sit down, have a Japanese style salmon, a glass of Aperol Spritz and listen to jazz.


Even Sundays and closed shops aren’t a problem, because there’s a Billa in Praterstern which is open on Sundays and you can buy their fresh sandwiches. Praterstern is easily accessible by underground. Underground which operates 24/7. Because it’s a people-friendly city.


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