Hi, I’m Karolina and I love pandas.


I can’t stay at home for longer than 2 months. I have to travel. It’s something inside of me that forces me to travel the world. My mum says I should be a gypsy, constantly traveling from one place to another. But I won’t give up on a cup of coffee in the morning and a warm shower in the evening. This, combined with my love for warmth, stops me from sleeping in a tent. I’m not a fan of backpacks, but I have to admit, that sometimes they work better than suitcases. I should be named “Organization”, but sometimes I like when someone else does things for me, so I won’t say “no” to a travel agency. That’s why I’m a non-extreme traveler.

I’m an early morning person, I can sleep everywhere and if I could, I’d have my lunches in Italy and dinners in Thailand.

And I have socks with pandas. Because I like pandas.

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