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What to do in Langkawi?

You can love Langkawi or hate it. Or just say it’s really OK and has amazing sunsets. I’m in the latter group. I’ve already said that the world doesn’t always have to be a paradise. This time I’m keeping it short and sweet – what to do in Langkawi? A lot. And I present it in random order.

Rent a car and go around the island

Left-hand traffic and Malaysian automotive industry. Sounds fun, right!? Driving on the opposite lane is actually not that bad on the island (fewer cars) and where you’ll have one more opportunity to drive Perodua Alza or Proton Saga? So go ahead and rent a car. Proton from Kasina Car Rental was ok.

Take a selfie with THE eagle

Eagle is a symbol of Langkawi, but the regular one was not enough. It was waaaay better to build a star-shaped jetty and place an eagle in the center. It’s huge. It’s awful. It’s dreadful. You have to see it.

Try to reach the waterfall

The waterfall is in the jungle. The jungle is in a mountainous area. It’s hot and humid in the jungle. Not my favorite combo. I was probably halfway to the waterfall when my body said “There’s no amount of water which can make me hydrated again”. Maybe you’ll more fit and you’ll get to the end of the waterfall. Or should I say “beginning”?

Go to the beautiful beach overlooking a cement factory

And don’t you dare crossing an invisible line of the hotel’s private beach. I went through all the images and I have no idea how it happened I didn’t take a picture of the cement factory. The only image I have is a still frame from a video:

See giant rocks

It’s a viewpoint in the north of the island. Beach entrance including. A bit like Seychelles, a bit not. Nice view from above and from the beach.

See the sunset at Hidden

Hidden, as the name says, is slightly hidden. Fortunately, we were given a convincing leaflet and convinced ourselves 2 more times to go there. It’s a place where I had my first pizza in Asia and it was good! It’s also a place where I saw the weirdest sunset of my life. Cloudless sky, cloudless sky, people chilling and facing the sea. Someone gets up, turns and freezes. Everyone else turns, freeze, grab beers and run under the roof before beers get too watery from the downpour. It was spectacular. No Photoshop included. Even the staff took pictures.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

For the 5 days straight I was looking at the clouds first thing in the morning. Is it cloudy or not? And the mountains? Are they in clouds? 5 days have passed and finally, Langkawi Sky Bridge was not in the clouds. When you’re traveling with a bridge designer, you’re seeing bridges. I have to say this one was fun. And someone knows how to make money! Grab drives make money as it’s the only way to get to the lower station of the cable car. Vendors of everything make money. Cable car and the bridge itself make money. And the bridge holds a record for the world’s longest curve suspension bridge on one pylon. What a category! It’s about 20 USD to get there with a cable car (and back). If you ask me if it’s worth it. Yes. I like pretty views.

Find a dramatic view with a dramatic branch

Someone has certainly found this place before I did. I didn’t put this branch there. But it turned out quite dramatic. Btw, it’s a beautiful spot. Somewhere near the Pantai Kok Beach.

Now you know what to do in Langkawi. Are you packed? Great! Which points from this list are the most appealing?

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