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    Europe,  Ukraine

    Rooftops of Lviv

    Let’s visit some rooftops. Rooftops of Lviv, to be precise. It’s actually a popular tour you can book in the city. As popular as underground Lviv. When I came back home, I realized that actually, I did my own Lviv rooftop hopping. Feel free to get inspired! Lviv City Hall Let’s start from the middle. Well, from the center. The center of Lviv, aka the city hall and its’ tower. It’s an experience and I’m not talking only about the views. To get to the tower you walk down the city hall corridors, where you can bump into staff doing their everyday job. 300 steps later you’re at the top.…

  • Europe,  Ukraine

    The best of Lviv

    From the very first steps, Lviv feels strangely familiar. Streets look like at home, my instinct tells me which way to go, even though I have never been there before. Strange. From the very first minutes Lviv gets me and to be honest, I could stay. This is how much I like it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my grandpa’s sister lived in Lviv and my other grandpa lived nearby. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that not so long ago Lviv was Polish. Maybe it’s something totally different, but these walks around the city are very sentimental. The first day I…

  • Europe,  Ukraine

    Lviv – expectations vs reality

    Expectations: Lviv is beautiful, but a bit run-down. Reality: I was so unfair. I thought that Lviv has many post-soviet buildings and that it’s mostly ruined. IT’S. NOT. TRUE. Lviv is beautiful. There are endless townhouses and they’re not that ruined. Maybe it’s the yellowish color which makes everything look optimistic, maybe it’s something else. One thing is sure: I was very surprised how pretty this city is. Expectations: It will be cheap Reality: Lviv is cheap. It’s very cheap. There’s no comparison to Western Europe or USA. Of course, there are more expensive hotels, restaurant, etc., but on average – Lviv lets you go a bit wild. You can…